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The Art of Living

An Inspiring Collection of Art, Full of Love and Life

Begun as project to share artwork by local philanthropic artists in support of our mission, I reached out to those with hospice experiences for a photo of their art, story, or poem, to present in a beautiful coffee table book. The response was overwhelming, in number and emotion. I am ever grateful to all of the artists represented in The Art of Living. Their beautiful work communicates an understanding of Arkansas Hospice and all hospice programs that have helped their patients and families live life to the fullest.
- Peggy Roberson, former development director

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Email Corey Gilmore or call her at 501-748-3306 to learn how you can buy The Art of Living and support Arkansas Hospice's mission of compassion. The book is 11 by 11 inches, 95 pages, hardback, and beautifully bound. Please preview a few of the pages below...


...and so many more, all equally beautiful and moving.


Bill and Alice AshleyThis book is dedicated to Mr. William Ashley with love. Through the years, Mr. Ashley has embodied the mission of Arkansas Hospice as both a donor and a volunteer. Besides his kind and gentle nature, he is best known for his beautiful photographs, which line the walls of Arkansas Hospice inpatient centers and offices. Now, his generosity has made this book possible.

Mr. Ashley has a very personal connection to Arkansas Hospice; his beloved wife, Alice, was one of our patients. "It was beyond my capability to give Alice the care and treatment she deserved during the final days of her life," Mr. Ashley shared. "Alice was treated with such kindness and love. She was made comfortable and pain free."

In 2013, we dedicated our Foundation office in honor of the Ashleys and unveiled a wall of Mr. Ashley's photos with one of him and Mrs. Ashley as a happy young couple. "I love you all," he told the crowd. "I hope that I live a long time and keep helping as long as I can." Truly, the art of living.