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Caring for a friend or loved one with a life-limiting illness is an indescribable challenge. It is an honor and a privilege to play this role in a cherished person’s life – yet it can also be an exhausting and overwhelming experience. At Arkansas Hospice, we want you to know that you are not alone.

We focus on the caregiver as well as the patient. Our goal is to enhance the quality of time you have left together – no matter how long that is. By letting us know what your loved one needs, we can work together to determine the best plan of care possible for all involved. Our hospice care teams go wherever our patients call home and are available 24 hours a day. Many who benefit from our services say that they wish they had pursued hospice care sooner.

Many also wish they had taken the time to talk with their loved ones about their preferences for end-of-life care. Too many times, this topic is never considered until an advanced illness occurs – leaving patients unable to express their wishes and caretakers in a precarious position. Also consider discussing advance care plans, which enable one to plan for and express end-of-life wishes in the event that the patient is unable to communicate. Broaching these issues might not be easy, but doing so before a crisis is better than facing difficult decisions later on with no direction.

Again, all of this can be overwhelming – so much so that caregivers can become so absorbed with meeting their patients’ needs that they neglect their own. Getting food and rest, carving out time to relax and asking for help when needed are key factors to maintaining good health and peace of mind. Remember that by taking caring of yourself, you will be better able to continue caring for your friend or loved one.

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