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Book Benefit

Dr. Niece and his mother, Dodie.

A Loving Memory becomes a Living Tribute

For every copy sold of his new book, Perfect in Memory: A Son’s Tribute to His Mother, award-winning author Rick Niece will donate a dollar to Arkansas Hospice.

“I admire few organizations as much as I admire hospice,” Rick says. “Hospice caregivers supported my family and me during the final hours of my mother’s life several years ago, and then again with my father’s recent death. They made dreadful times bearable. I cannot imagine a more understanding group of compassionate individuals. There truly are angels on earth who partner with Heaven’s angels as precious souls ascend.”

As described on his website, the third book in his nostalgic Fanfare for a Hometown series, “Perfect in Memory celebrates the life of [his] beloved mother, Dortha Jean “Dodie” Niece. Written as a tribute to a remarkable woman, Niece’s heartfelt remembrances focus with tender reflection on the richness that makes life so beautiful.”

We are humbled and most grateful to Dr. Niece for including us in his loving remembrance of his mother. Since his generosity will ensure that other mothers (and fathers and children) will benefit from Arkansas Hospice’s mission of love and mercy, we cannot imagine a more appropriate tribute.

An Excerpt

     I’d not been inside a hospice facility before and wasn’t personally aware of its purpose. In the shortest of hours, however, I converted into their newest disciple.
      A lady neatly dressed in white and blue wearing a soft smile approached. I found her expression to be the kindest and gentlest expression I think I have ever seen. Seriously, it was as close to angelic as I am likely to encounter on Earth.
      “Are you Dortha Jean’s family?”
      “Yes, I’m her eldest son,” I replied, “and these are my brothers, and this is m y wife.”
      “I am so sorry to bother you, but we need signatures on two forms, then I can take you to your mother.”
      Years of skepticism have taught me to review official documents carefully before signing. Not this time. With complete trust and faith, I scribbled my name on the papers without reading a word.
      While leading us to Mom, she quickly reviewed the hospice mission. “We do everything possible to ensure your mother does not suffer. She will be comfortable and experience no pain. You will be left alone with her, but we are available when you need us.”
      Simple compassion was their pledge. What more could a dying mother and grieving family ask? When she opened the door and we entered Mom’s new world, I could not believe what I saw. The room reminded me of our old living room in DeGraff. Flowered wallpaper, sculpted carpet, an upholstered couch and easy chairs, end tables, decorative lamps, and perfectly placed adornments. Two shaded windows cast the room into tones of muted twilight.
      Dad had already stationed himself by Mom’s bed, his desperate hands wrapped around her pale fingers. … Mom appeared comfortable and without pain—the hospice pledge. 

Rick D. Niece, Ph.D. is an award-winning author and retired president of University of the Ozarks in Clarksville, Arkansas. Visit to learn more and buy his books.