While a physician’s clinical judgment is a foremost factor, these guidelines will help determine if a patient is in need of hospice services:


  • Significant decline in function
  • Rapid progression of ALS
  • Affected respiratory status
  • Secondary conditions such as weight loss or recurrent infections

Liver Disease

  • PT>5 over control or INR >1.5
  • Serum albumin <2.5
  • Secondary conditions such as jaundice and/or ascites; peritonitis; hepatorenal syndrome; hepatic encephalopathy; or recurrent variceal bleeding

Renal Disease

  • Patient is not seeking the initiation of dialysis
  • Creatinine clearance <10cc/min
  • Serum creatinine >8.0mg/dl
  • Not a candidate for transplant

Heart Disease

  • Patient is symptomatic despite maximum medical management with diuretics and vasodilators
  • Shortness of breath with minimal activity
  • Significant symptoms of recurrent CHF at rest

Neurological Disease

  • Ability to pronounce/articulate words is limited to 1-5 words/day
  • Comorbid or secondary conditions
  • Weight loss during the last six months


  • Unable to bathe/dress without assistance
  • Weight loss
  • Serum albumin <2.5gm/dl
  • Current history of pulmonary aspiration
  • Food and fluid intake is reduced


  • CD4+ count <25 or viral load > 100,000
  • Not responding to treatment
  • Weight loss
  • Comorbid conditions
  • Decreased performance status

Pulmonary Disease

  • Disabling dyspnea at rest
  • Increased hospitalizations or ER visits
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Progression of end-stage pulmonary disease
  • Hypoxemia on room air
  • Hypercapnia

If your patient does not meet these guidelines but is still thought to be appropriate for hospice (i.e. has comorbidities or a recent rapid decline), please call us for an assessment.

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