Committed to Veterans

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  • Identify Needs

  • Connect with Resources

  • Recognize Service

  • Provide Care

Arkansas Hospice recognizes the special opportunity we have to care for the men and women who sacrificed to protect our freedom. With one out of every four dying Americans being a veteran, combined with the critical issues faced by many of those who have served, Arkansas Hospice has developed Committed to Veterans to address these needs in conjunction with their hospice care.

Arkansas Hospice partners with various veterans organizations

Program Specifics

  • Conduct educational outreach efforts to inform veteran service groups of the program, its availability and its benefits to veterans receiving Arkansas Hospice care.
  • Develop strategic partnerships with government and private agencies to extend our ability to service veterans.
  • Train frontline staff, so they will be equipped to identify and pursue legitimate veteran benefits for our patients with the help of veteran service officers on the county level across Arkansas Hospice service area.
  • Educate Arkansas Hospice clinical staff to recognize critical veteran issues – such as PTSD, moral injury, survivor’s guilt and reconciliation – and equip them to connect these veterans with the appropriate support resources.
  • Develop a veteran-centric environment in which veterans are afforded the respect and honor due them, including special ceremonies, certificates of appreciation, recognition pins and bedside flags.
  • Organize, host or participate in opportunities to engage in important military rituals such as presentation of challenge coins, observance of Veterans Day and Memorial Day, as well as helping to ensure honor guards and special salute at funerals.

Program Commitments

  • Promote veteran-centric educational activities.
  • Increase the organizational capacity of Arkansas Hospice to better serve veterans.
  • Support the development of strategic partnerships between Arkansas Hospice and other local, state and federal veterans service organizations.
  • Increase access and improve the quality of hospice care for veterans.

Navigating Veteran Care

In addition to providing education and resources, through Committed to Veterans the Arkansas Hospice team is trained to communicate effectively and honestly with our veterans, and coordinate transitions across VA and community care settings.

Recognizing and Honoring Veterans

Several time a year, Arkansas Hospice hosts ceremonies and events to thank our current veteran patients and remember those patients who have passed. We also recognize each veteran in our care by presenting a flag and personalized certificate to each patient.

Under the guidelines of our Committed to Veterans program, veteran benefit status is reviewed so that we can help secure the compensation or assistance due our veterans and/or survivors for their service.

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Vet to Vet Cafe

The Vet-To-Vet Café is a small gathering of Veterans for the express purpose of experiencing the comradery of other Veterans, while sharing military experiences within a group setting where understanding and acceptance is assumed.  While the atmosphere is relaxed and largely unstructured, the outcomes are predictably enriching and even therapeutic at times.  All that is required for a successful café is a group of Veterans, a place to gather, a pot of coffee, a plate of cookies and someone to provide just a smidge of direction after a slight nudge to get things rolling. 

Setting The Gold Standard 

Arkansas Hospice is one of only seven organizations and the only healthcare provider in Arkansas to be certified by the Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs (ADVA) for nonprofit service to Arkansas’ veteran population. *Arkansas Hospice was the first hospice in the country to employ a fully accredited veterans claims agent as its veterans service coordinator.


Arkansas Hospice is a Vietnam War Commemoration Partner

Arkansas Hospice has also been accepted as a Commemorative Partner by the Department of Defense Vietnam War Commemoration for demonstrating activities that recognize Vietnam veterans and their families’ service, valor, and sacrifice. As a Partner in the program, Arkansas Hospice will be conducting veteran-centric events or activities that recognize Vietnam veterans and their families’ service and sacrifice.


How You Can Help! 

Vet-to-Vet: This program pairs a veteran patient with a veteran volunteer who may have a better understanding of what the patient has experienced. A veteran volunteer may assist with providing companionship to veteran patients by holding conversations, interacting with games and much more. They may also provide a much-needed break to the primary caregiver. Be an Everyday Advocate: It’s as easy as talking with your family, friends, elected officials and community members about the importance of not only honoring our veterans on special holidays, but also advocating on their behalf to ensure that our veterans acquire all the benefits they deserve.

Donate: As a nonprofit organization, our innovative veteran services would not be possible without charitable support. Help us go above and beyond to bring dignity, comfort and peace to our veterans and their families by giving online. 

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